Saber Marionette J to X to Y

An adult fanfic by RVincent

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Apologies for the title, I wanted to convey that this story takes place after Saber Marionette J to X since I am placing it in the Saber Marionette J slot at because there is no reason to make a new section for one fanfic. That being the case, this fanfic contains plenty of spoilers for J to X. If you haven’t seen that series yet, feel free to take it back a step. Otherwise you’re going to have to take a lot of what I say on faith. If you get past the bad dubbing and the shoddy animation, J to X is a great addition to the storyline and I recommend it.  Feel free to post this in any properly labeled adult area across the internet so long as no money is being made from it.


::::::::::::::::::On with the Show::::::::::::::::::


Opening the door to her room, Lime rushed inside, throwing it shut behind her. Alone, she tried yet again to swallow down the feelings inside her. Bitterness, anger, she felt a tear threaten the corner of her eye. She tried a deep breath, then another, trying to ease the pain before giving up a moment later and throwing herself on the bed. She quieted herself by burying her face in the pillow so no one would hear.

Several minutes later that she’d calmed herself to the threshold of rational thought. Slowly, she lifted her face from the pillow, the green fabric darkened to black where she had cried and drooled on it, leaving it’s own frowning, crying face starring back at her. Lime swallowed hard before lifting herself and sprawling onto her back to stare at the ceiling. Outside it was beautiful, and the intense sunlight flooded in from the window just over top her bed, lighting the whole room and its dramatic color scheme that she herself had picked out.

She had her own room. It was a strange thought, living as a marionette she had lacked the worth to have her own room. Not that Otaru would have thought so, but to others. But that was a lifetime ago, sometimes it was strange to have two lifetimes in her head. Faded memories of her first meeting with Otaru, vague recollections of their raid into Gartland. Of her final farewell to Otaru before her, Bloodberry, and Cherry had gone off to stop Hesse aboard the Neo-Mesopotamia…

Her time with Otaru as a marionette had been so short, but it felt like a lifetime itself. And now to grow up, to have him there for her through her childhood. That was the sticking point though, as it always was. Her feelings for him had never changed, and he was as hard to reach as ever. When she had been younger, he’d brushed off any advances she’d made toward him. ‘You’re not a marionette any more Lime, you don’t have to act this way, I‘m not your Master, or Otaru, call me Dad.’ He’d tell her.

Lorelei had told her that she was a woman now. At least it was true that she was one of the oldest girls on the planet, only Cherry and Bloodberry were her equals. That was if you didn’t include Lorelei herself. All the other clones of Lorelei were still toddling their way through kindergarten. Looking down at her chest she wondered if that is what had made her a woman. She had felt odd without her breasts. Still, even as a woman Otaru rejected her advances. Growing up over all of these years she’d had such hope too, especially after Hanagata left. But to have it crushed again and again on a daily basis.

Although he may have been closing in on forty years, he still looked the same as always. His hair still had that same combination of browns that she had first noticed when she had fallen out of the stasis pod a lifetime before. His spirit, personality, he was measure for measure the same man that she had fallen in love with, which left her wondering, just why he couldn’t accept it.




“You need to stop acting like such a child.” Cherry commented, smacking the wooden spoon against the edge of the bowl, depositing another aliquot of rice within and sending a few grains astray.

Lime bit her tongue, her face contorting oddly as she felt the weight of the reprimand. She wished Otaru were here if only to prevent this confrontation yet again, “I am not acting like a child.” Lime asserted, crossing her arms and looking all the more child-like for the effort.

“Whatever…” Bloodberry mumbled, taking another drink of sake. “We’ve all tried and you know as well as any of us that Otaru isn’t going to fall for a woman any time soon. He’s spent too much of his life surrounded by men…” Bloodberry finished with a bit of a slur, laying out on the floor after her piece was said.

“You should be happy-” Cherry started, a perky note to her voice, “You know he cares for us, that should be enough.”

“Yeah!” Bloodberry called out from the floor, “It’s good enough for me.”

Lime shook her head, Bloodberry didn’t sound all that convincing. And with the way she was drinking, the only thing Lime had on her mind about Bloodberry lately was how much longer her liver was going to hold out. “It’s not enough.”

“And why not?” Cherry asked incredulous, “What more could you want?”

“I-” Lime paused for a moment, “I want to have his baby…” She trailed off, unable to match Cherry’s gaze.

“Wh - What?” Cherry mumbled, more to herself than as an honest question.

“It was the one thing I wanted more than anything when I was a marionette…” Lime trailed off for a second, “You should know more than anyone Cherry, haven’t you always wanted to be a mother?” Lime asked, remembering hazily Cherry trying to breastfeed a crying child before she even had the ability, back when they had been marionettes.

“Yes-” Cherry started off, seemingly loosing her footing even more, “Yes I have, what of it?” She finished defensively.

“And when you think of it, think of yourself with child, who do you picture the father as?” Lime asked, sure of the answer.

The silence was answer enough. Cherry looked to the side, her happy demeanor sloughing off like skin on a snake. “You don’t even have to ask.”

Bloodberry spoke up from the floor, “Just for the record, I don’t want any children.”

“You shut up.” Lime countered, trying to ignore her tomboy of a sister for the moment and focus on the emotional one, “I know he’s been our father, he’s raised us from birth almost… but the memories from before that, from our lives as marionettes. I can’t forget those memories no matter how I try, what I felt, what I wanted. I can’t forget the love I had!” Lime broke at last, she couldn’t hold it together a moment longer.

“I know…” Cherry started, “It’s the part of me that makes me call him Master when I’m not even thinking about it, it’s a distant feeling, but it’s a part of me too…” Lime heard Cherry swallow from across the table, “Excuse me.” Cherry stood from the table and bent over, collecting plates and the rice cooker before heading off into the kitchen.

“And that’s why you have to grow up.” Bloodberry pushed herself from the floor and back into a setting position, “That’s just not how our relationship was put together. Maybe at one time, but now he’s daddy and we’re just his little girls.” Bloodberry scoped out the table for more booze, and failing that she continued, “Besides, you know how he is, anything more than a hug and he pulls away like he’s touched something hot.” Bloodberry shook her head, “It’s useless, and you know it.”

“I am not going to just give up like the two of you.” Lime felt the tears threaten again, “I’m not, I’m not…”




Quickly Otaru rolled onto his side and grabbed his jitte from beside the nightstand. Lime stopped dead in her tracks, her foot hovering just inches from the floor, “Otaru?” She called out weakly, just to let him know who it was.

“Oh…” She heard him indistinctly. More pronounced was the sound of his weapon being laid back on the table, “Why didn’t you just use the door?” He asked blearily, sitting up more in his bed.

Lime lowered herself in the rest of the way through the window, closing it partially behind her. “I-- I didn’t want Cherry or Bloodberry to hear me.” Lime confessed, taking a few steps forward, her shadow cast across the floor below.

“Why?” He asked, sounding more like himself, comforting.

Involuntarily Lime took a few more steps forward, coming to the side of his mattress and kneeling down, putting herself more level with him. Her nightgown fell around her knees and pooled at the ground, beneath her she could feel the coolness of the floorboards. “I wanted to talk to you alone.” She managed weakly.

“What do you want to talk about?” Otaru asked, sounding more conversational, more father-like. That was not the man that Lime wanted to talk to.

“I haven’t been feeling well.” Lime stared out, afraid that her voice was cracking, “There’s something wrong…”

Otaru nodded, his hair bobbing slightly in the pale moon light, “What is it Lime, you can tell me what’s wrong…“ He sighed, “I was afraid something was up, but I wanted to give you your space.”

Lime forced a smile but it’s effect was lost amongst the darkness, “It’s just that…” She struggled on, unsure of how to continue. It didn’t matter that she had rehearsed what she was going to say a dozen times before, now it was all different, “Otaru I-- please… take me seriously.”

“I do take you seriously.” Otaru said with a light laugh which didn’t help to corroborate his statement.

Please… please let him take me seriously now… Lime begged to herself, “If you take me seriously, then just listen.” Lime cleared her throat, “There’s a part of me, the deepest part of me--” She cut herself off, “Not just from before when I was a marionette…” She clarified, “It’s just-- you… I love you.”

“Lime…I know.”

“I love you Otaru and I always have.” She heard her own voice raising more than she wanted it to, “You told me growing up that I didn’t know what I was talking about, but I’ve always known… it’s always been you. That’s why I wanted to become human, to be with you, and love you, and always be there for you.”

For a moment she sat there thinking, the memory was hazy, but it was still there, “Remember after Hesse took off in the Neo-Mesopotamia… and we went to try and stop him…” Lime swallowed hard enough to be heard, “Before we left we asked you which of us you’d have chosen to be your wife…”

She heard the sharp intake of breath from Otaru across from her, “I’d thought you’d forgotten about that.” He admitted.

Still Lime continued, “It was hard to hear with the plasma arching through the air, the sound of the engines, the rocks breaking off and falling into the abyss… but I know it was me you chose.”

Lime felt the hand on her shoulder but she couldn’t look up, she had to say all she could before Otaru told her for the umpteenth time that she didn’t know what she was talking about, “I know you love me… but you said it wasn’t the same. Why can’t it be the same? Why can’t you love me-- us back? I can’t kill it -- this feeling, if I do I’ll be dead inside… and if I don’t speak the truth from my heart… I’ll be just as dead.” Lime let out a shaky breath, her knees hurting from crouching at his bedside, her hands idly playing with the fabric of comforter.

The silence was killing her but Lime was afraid to look up, finally, at last she felt her hand come into contact with another. She felt Otaru thread his fingers between her own, lifting them from the linen. She didn’t want to allow herself the hope, but finally she breathed a sigh of relief. She knew Otaru wouldn’t hate her for the confession, but that had never been her worry. Her worry had been that she would be met with indifference, to be ignored.

“Lime… we can’t.” He answered her weakly. “I didn’t ever want to hurt you, I never have…” She could hear his voice breaking, “But this is just something I can’t do, I’m sorry.”

They’d had this conversation before, in a different life, “But… we’re both human, there’s no reason why…”

“It‘s just...” Otaru fumbled over the words, “When I was growing up… there was no such thing as girls. Until you three.” He paused for a moment, his words picking reflected the tremble in his voice, a shaking Lime could feel through his hands. She wondered if he was crying, “I love you all, but… I love you the only way I know how.” He finished sounding frustrated, “I wish I could love you the same way you love me, but I can’t. I‘ve tried Lime, I‘ve tried for you, and Cherry, and Bloodberry…”

Slowly Lime tried to absorb the information. Just as slowly she moved her hand, entwined with Otaru’s toward her chest. Leaning forward he moved the open palm of his hand over her breast, squeezing his hand and her breast with it. “Maybe-” Lime felt her breath catch in her throat, “If you go through the motions, your heart will follow.” She squeezed his hand over her breast again and moved his other hand to match.

“Lime…” He sounded unsure of himself, he wasn’t pulling away but he wasn’t taking her hint and squeezing either.

“Just keep squeezing, let’s see how far this goes.” And finally, Lime felt Otaru squeeze once of his own volition. Then, again a moment later. “Thank you…” She said her thanks aloud so the gods above might hear.

“Here.” Lime said after a few moments of his touch. Lifting herself up from the ground she reached down and lifted her nightgown over her head, and climbed under the comforter with Otaru. The bed gave a sudden groan at the weight but easily held up. She blushed as she heard him take a deep breath, even silhouetted her figure must be getting to him. “Please… keep going.”

It wasn’t long before Otaru once again found her breasts and started to add variations to his ministrations, rubbing her nipples, and rolling his fingers over her areola. “Otaru, I love you.” She felt he was more comfortable now and started running her own hands over his back, his arms, feeling contact with his bare flesh. Her hands trailed down even further to the top edge of his pajama pants, trailing along them but not daring to dip below them.

Lime pulled herself forward, pressing her nearly naked body against Otaru’s. “I just love you so much, I’ve always loved you.”

“Shhhh….” Otaru held a finger up suddenly, moving the hand away from the breast it had been holding.

“Wha?” Lime started to ask then cut herself off at the serious look from Otaru.

Otaru let out a sigh and flipped away the covers. Exposing Lime momentarily she ‘Eeeked’ and pulled the cover back over her chest, “Hold on a second.” He said softly, lifting himself out of bed and walking over to the door.

The click of the door knob was accompanied by two solid thuds as Cherry and Bloodberry tumbled through the now open doorway. Luckily for Cherry she landed on top of Bloodberry, “Hey, get off me!” Bloodberry yelled out, pushing Cherry to the ground in retaliation.

Cherry dropped to the ground, causing Otaru to wince again. “And what do you two think you’re doing?” Otaru asked, reverting to his father role on reflex.

“We were-” Cherry stumbled out before Bloodberry cut her off.

“We figured Lime was up to something at dinner and wanted to make sure she didn’t take advantage of you.” Every eye in the room turned incredulously toward Bloodberry, “What?” She asked in mock surprise, “I wanted to be first.”

“Wait, hold on-” Otaru tried to bring some peace to the situation but Cherry spoke up.

“You first? It’s my duty to be first, that’s what a good wife would do.”

“Hah!” Bloodberry mocked. “Do you even think you’re good enough for Otaru, you know there’s a lot of technique in pleasing a man.”

“You slut!” Cherry cried out, pushing herself to her feet, “You’re not worthy of Master Otaru!”

Lime looked between her two arguing sisters in disbelief, she hadn’t heard them talk this way since they were marionettes, and from the looks of things, Otaru was just as stunned as she was. “I thought you two had given up.” Lime spoke up at last, lifting herself out of the bed and drawing their attention.

Bloodberry scratched her head, “Well, I was just biding my time to come up with a better strategy.”

“And I was waiting until our finances stabilized to the point where we could afford a child.” Cherry admitted, blushing with her hands to her cheeks.

“All three of you?” Otaru asked at last, exchanging looks with Lime, Cherry, and Bloodberry in turn.

“What?” Bloodberry asked, “Did you think something had changed? It’s always been the three of us honey. Like I said before, we’re a package deal.” She answered back in her usual cocky tone, her smile catching the moonlight.

“You know…” Cherry started off, “Lime’s already got her top off, so let’s just start there.” Cherry finished blushing, pulling her pajama shirt up and over her head. A moment later Bloodberry doing the same.

“I-” Otaru tried, looking between the three half-naked beauties in front of him. “You-- all three…”

“That’s been established honey.” Bloodberry commented, finally picking herself up off the floor. “What we still need to figure out though… is who goes first?” Bloodberry asked, looking between her sisters.

“I think that I should be first.” Cherry said, pointing to her perky breasts, “It’s my duty, being the most level headed of you two to ease Otaru into the experience. To make sure he enjoys it as much as possible without doing it only for my own pleasure.” Cherry finished glaring at Bloodberry.

“Well, I think I should go first.” Bloodberry pointed to her own larger rack, “After I get done with him he won’t be able to keep his hands off any of us.” She finished with a laugh.

“Bloodberry!” Cherry shouted at the scandalous promise.

“What? Don’t tell me you wouldn’t like that Cherry?”

Lime took a deep breath, Otaru was starting to look scared again like he used to be when the three of them fought for his affection. Slowly Lime lifted herself out of the bed and made her way up behind Otaru, wrapping her hands around him and pressing her naked chest against his back. “It’s okay Otaru… you know we all love you right?” She whispered into his ear.

Slowly he turned toward Lime, his nervousness apparent, “I haven’t seen the two of them act this way in a long time.” He mumbled, putting his hand to the back of his head.

The motion drew the attention of Bloodberry, “And what’s your excuse to go first?” She asked Lime.

Lime thought for a moment, “Because I was here first?” Lime asked, embarrassed but not wanting to give up the fight on something so important.

Cherry shrugged, “Makes sense.” Slowly she turned toward Otaru, “That is unless Master has a preference.”

“Um…” Otaru couldn’t find the words.

“How about this, I go first, then Cherry, then Lime.” Bloodberry licked her finger and ran it down the valley between her breasts. “But… me and Cherry will just give him a little taste of things to come. Just a few thrusts in, and then you Lime can finish him off yourself.”

“Finish?” Lime asked, squeezing Otaru for a second.

“You know…” Bloodberry made an exaggerated motion over her stomach as if it were three times its’ size. It only took a moment longer for Lime to figure out. “It’s what you wanted, right?” Lime didn’t miss Otaru’s eyes go a little wide at the gesture.

“Lime can finish, I will start.” Cherry said defiantly.

Bloodberry growled, “Jan-ken-po.”

“Is that how it’s going to be?” Cherry asked with a devious edge to her voice, she ran her hands over her forearms as if she was rolling up her sleeves.

“It’s the only way we’re going to settle this.”



“Jan… ken… po!”

“Damn.” Bloodberry cursed under her breath, “Best of three?”

“Not on your life.” Cherry responded with a piercing smile. She took a few steps off to her side, holding out her hand, “Shall we?”

“I guess…” Otaru responded, sounding more than slightly befuddled. Still, his blush almost visible by the moon light. He reached timidly out taking he hand.

Cherry gave a little wave, “Could you two wait out in the hall a minute, we’ll call you when we’re ready.” She instructed, her voice dripping saccharine.

“Come on, let’s go.” Bloodberry droned, moving out in the hallway, with Lime following just a step behind her. Closing the door as they exited the room.




“It’s sure been a damn long time.” Bloodberry mumbled, sitting on the ground with her back against the wall.

Lime thought about it for a moment, “But I don’t think they’ve even done anything, I just hear them talking.”

“Well, I guess that’s good.” Bloodberry admitted, “I mean, whatever you said earlier must have gotten through to him so maybe Cherry is using her gift of gab as well.”

“Yeah…” Lime trailed off, putting her hand to the wood of the door, even if it was Cherry and Otaru in there, she wanted to be there with them. She wanted to be there for their first time. She loved them both so very much.

“You doing okay there?” Bloodberry asked a moment later.

Lime wondered how she’d noticed anything amiss in the hallway, the lighting was practically nil, “Just-- I wish I could be there, you know, for their first time.” After the words escaped her lips she felt like a pervert for saying them. They were sisters after all. But that wasn’t how it had always been.

Bloodberry’s laugh momentarily lit up the darkness, giving Lime something else to focus on, “If you want you can come in with me. I won’t mind the audience, but I think that maybe Cherry might have some performance issues.”

“Performance issues?” Lime asked, the statement reminding her of mechanical errors as a marionette.

“She doesn’t even like when we watch her cook, so you can bet that if she had to… you know, with an audience…” Bloodberry trailed off, letting Lime figure the rest out.

The two of them sat together quietly, listening for activity in the room. Bloodberry again broke the silence, “Do you remember that time… when Otaru was on TV, and going to all of those parties and stuff after we’d saved Japoness from Gartland?”

Lime nodded, then spoke up softly, “Yeah.” She had a feeling she knew where her sister was going with this.

“Do you think it will be the same? You know, with these bodies?” Bloodberry asked haltingly, sounding unsure of herself.

Lime thought about it for a moment. After they had been abandoned by Otaru everyone in the apartments had been worried about them. Cherry had stopped cooking, Bloodberry stopped leaving the apartment. Without their master, they were lost. One night Cherry had been trying to cheer them up by talking about things that she wanted to do with Otaru…

One thing had lead to another. The memory was so hazy now, she remembered Cherry’s hands running over her. Cherry telling her to pretend it was Otaru’s hands. Her fingers penetrating her… her lips on her nipples. The three of them naked, holding each other, loving each other. It was a bittersweet memory. “I don’t know Bloodberry, things feel different in these bodies, so much fuller, more real.” She said at last.

“Yeah, that’s about what I expect.” Bloodberry answered after a bit of hesitation, “You know, Cherry denies it ever happened, says that my memory must have been fried when it got shot out of that worm hole?” Bloodberry laughed, “But I could tell from the way she blushed that she remembered, better than any of us probably since she started the whole thing, am I right?”

However Lime wasn’t paying attention to her sister in the hallway any longer. Instead she was listening intently to the squeak - squeak - squeak sound coming from beyond the doorway, from her other sister.

“Sounds like they’re finally up to something.” Bloodberry observed, her voice suddenly sounding dry.

After that though, words were lost between the two of them. Lime timed the sounds of the bed frame to her own heart beat. Each squeak making her face feel more flush, her chest feel tighter. She pictured it, just beyond the door, Cherry, Otaru… She wanted to keep track of how long things had gone on, but couldn’t keep count. Finally, the sounds slowed and stopped. Lime knew it had only been a few minutes but that wasn’t what it has felt like.

Lime moved away from the door as it opened, moonlight flooding the hallway, “Okay, you’re up Bloodberry.”

“All right.” Bloodberry lifted herself off the floor, “Come on you two.” She made a motion as she walked through the door.

“You want us in there?” Cherry asked incredulous.

Bloodberry smirked, “It’s nothing you haven’t seen before, and I’m just giving Lime a preview of the coming attractions.”

“It’s just not very lady-like.” Cherry huffed, “Not lady-like at all.” But despite her protests she was only a step behind Bloodberry as they passed through the doorway.

Lime walked inside and her heart felt like it leapt into her throat. There, on the bed, was Otaru, the love of her life, naked. She could see the gleam on his member where it was slick with Cherry’s juices. But, what she wanted to see was his face. She wanted to know how he was taking this turn of events. She wanted to make sure this was something he wanted just as much as her and her sisters.

“Let me guess.” Bloodberry walked over to the bed swaying her hips with her steps, “Cherry had you lie on your back while she climbed on top of you, that way you didn’t have to do any work?”

“Um.. Yeah.” Lime heard from across the room as she sat down on her butt next to Cherry. Lime looked over at her sister, she only ever saw that look on her face when she’d been drinking too much.

Bloodberry laughed, “Well, you’re going to have to work this time. Move.” Bloodberry climbed onto the bed, stepping out of the swath of moonlight and into the darker area. “No, over here, like this… no, just sit up, and- over here.” Lime watched her sister position herself on her hands and knees with Otaru behind her, “Now… just slowly work it in.”

Lime heard Bloodberry cry out lightly as they started and wondered if her sister was a virgin as well. She didn’t doubt it, because despite all of her fervor and bravado she knew that she loved Otaru just as much as the rest of them. Even if she didn’t show it. The squeaking picked up again.

“Oh yeah Otaru….” Bloodberry encouraged him in her most seductive voice, “Give it to me hard…” Lime watched the two of them mesmerized, Bloodberry’s huge breasts moving in motion as they hung beneath her, “Oh, I love the feel of your cock…” Lime turned to see Cherry covering her mouth at the comment but staying quiet. “Fuck me… fuck me… fuck me harder.” Lime felt her own blush grow at the comment, she wondered if this kind of dirty talk had been a part of Bloodberry’s programming.

“Oh… Bloodberry… I’m going to….” Otaru moaned.

“No!” Bloodberry pulled away, “Lime, get over here!”

Otaru held his position just as he had been while Bloodberry’s pussy had covered his member. Lime stripped off her panties. Otaru was still frozen in place, and Bloodberry flipped off the bed and threw Lime into her place on her back. The swap was too late though, Lime felt his seed splash on her chest, a few drips on her stomach, and one last drip onto her waiting pussy. Otaru kept still, breathing hard, holding his member in one hand loosely.

The silence in the room was broken by Otaru himself, “I’m sorry Lime, I couldn’t hold it.”

Lime looked down at herself, seeing the moonlight shine against the wet spots on her chest. “It’s okay…” She said, feeling her heart sink, “We can always try again later, right?”

“No, he’s going to go again right now.” Bloodberry decided for him, stepping up to the edge of the bed she pulled him close, kissing him deeply and grabbing his member from him, pumping his cock covered in their juices. “A little help Cherry.” Bloodberry called out, causing her other sister to get up and come over.

Cherry moved in from the other side of the bed, kissing and sucking at Otaru’s neck. “Master, can’t you see she’s waiting for you… for this.” She finished, reaching down and taking his cock from Bloodberry’s hands. “It’s still a little hard, if you can make it just a little harder…” Bloodberry’s hands intertwined with Cherry’s and the two of them pumped on his member, pushing him further down on his knees, they took the tip of his penis and ran it over the opening to Lime’s pussy.

“Please Otaru… I love you…” Lime proclaimed, holding out her arms for Otaru.

“I think he’s good to go again.” Bloodberry said a moment later, pulling away and prompting Cherry to do the same.

Lime braced for pain as she felt him slide into her, but hardly felt a twinge of discomfort, just love. “Oh Otaru… I love you…” He slid into her then out, and back in. Her whole body felt hot.

“Lime… I… I love you too.” She felt him redouble his efforts, moving his hands behind her back and embracing her fully. And, she felt herself begin to cry.

Since that first time beneath the pioneer museum when she had met him, she knew that he had been the one. Since the time he had gotten her maiden circuit back after it had been removed. Suddenly she realized that she was remembering clearly for the first time her previous life. And the feeling was back, that warm feeling deep in her heart, “It feels like my maiden circuit is active all over…” She said feeling heady.

She felt her heart fluttering, beating frantically as a hummingbirds wings as Otaru pounded into her over and over. Her whole body burning, needing him to be inside her. Feeling so right, completing her existence. Finally, all too soon she felt him seize up, holding her tightly against him. She didn’t feel his release inside her, but she knew it had happened. Slowly he collapsed atop her, resting his head against her breasts as he reluctantly pulled himself out.

“Lime…” He mumbled, half-groggy as he had been when she had first entered the room that night, “You don’t need your maiden circuit any more, you’re human now.”

“I know…” She cried, “But it wasn’t until just now that I truly felt it.” She reached out, holding him tightly.

“Come on you two, let’s get some sleep.” Bloodberry said suddenly, pushing herself into the bed, her naked backside pressed against both Otaru and Lime in the middle of the bed. “That is unless you’re good for another round Otaru.” Bloodberry laughed, drawing a groan from the man she loved.

“Could you two please make some room?” Cherry asked, trying to work her way onto the other side of the bed.

Finally, the two lovers were forced onto their sides to accommodate the two newcomers to the bed. “If we’re going to make this work…” Bloodberry said at last, “We’re going to need a bigger mattress.”

Otaru laughed, then went silent a moment, “Bloodberry… Cherry… Lime…” He stared solemnly, “Sleep well, and… I love you.”

Lime smiled, “I love you too.”

“Me too.” Bloodberry spoke up.

“And I love you most of all Master Otaru.”

“Otaru?” Lime stared softly after laying there for some time.

“Yeah Lime?”

“I can feel it kicking.” She mumbled.

“Feel what?”

“The baby.” She said with a giggle.

“There’s no-- it’s too early… it takes time…”

Cherry spoke up, “And how would you know?” She asked with a laugh.

“I… guess I don’t.” He admitted with a laugh that attempted to mask his worry.

“It’s okay Master, average human gestation is nine months. You’ll have plenty of time to ensure that me and Lime deliver at the same time.” Cherry continued.

“What?” Otaru asked incredulously.

“Well, of course I want a baby too Master.” From the tone of her voice it was obvious she had a full-on blush.

Bloodberry responded grudgingly, “Well, I guess if that’s what you two want, I’m in too. But don’t expect me to change no diapers.”

Fearing the silence from her love, Lime called out to him, “Otaru… do you think you can love us like that?” For the first time since events had spun into motion, Lime felt more than a hint of worry.

“I think--” Otaru started out shakily, “I think it will be easier than I ever imagined.”

Lime felt Bloodberry’s arm lay on top of her, reaching out and touching Otaru, then from her other side she felt Cherry’s hand fall onto her shoulder as they embraced. “The three of us-” Otaru continued, “Together, forever… I wouldn’t have dreamed of it any other way.”


Authors Rant:

After watching the end of J to X I always thought this was the conclusion that it deserved, that it pointed to. Yes, he is trying to be their father, but they act the same as they did when they were Marionettes, Cherry even fantasizes about him falling for him after they build him the back massager. Their love for him is just so great I had to get this written out somewhere even though it has been years since I first seen these episodes. Hopefully you enjoyed this fanfic. You can find more of my works at and you can e-mail me at with any questions or comments.

Thanks for reading!

Reference Facts:

The Cherry breastfeeding scene took place in episode #8 of J to X with Kotaru, a clone that fell off the truck and was swept down stream. Everyone wanted her to give up the baby but she couldn’t do it.

Episode 24 is where the Marionettes go up to the Neo-Mesopotamia in order to battle Hesse, but before they go they ask Otaru who he would marry and it makes it seem like he would pick Lime based on their reactions. Before they go up he sees how much anguish he has caused Lime by denying her feelings and is really upset that they were suffering and is sorry.

Episode 23 This is the one where Lime listens to Hesse. She is the only one that believed that she could be made into a human, she made herself believe it. And was depressed that she was a robot, forced to feel the world through Robot hands. Everyone tried to convince her she was stupid. It was a desperate wish that lead to depression. She said she wanted to change because she wanted to be Otaru’s wife.

The scene where Bloodberry refers to the Marionettes being abandoned after the Gartland incident was Episode #13 of Saber Marionette J. After being abandoned they wander out into the wasteland alone after suffering for days watching Otaru on television.


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