Two’s Company, Three’s a Triangle

An adult fanfic by RVincent


The quick and dirty of it, Slayers remains property of its respective copyright holders. No malicious copyright infringement is meant and I am making no profit off this work. It is meant merely as an expression of my fandom, an after market addition to an already great product as I like to say. To the second part of the disclaimer, this fanfic contains adult situations, straight sex and girl on girl action. If you are under the age of 18 or if those types of things offend you, close your text viewing application or hit the back button on your browser now… you shouldn’t be here!

Finally, no real spoilers for Revolution or Evolution, some very slight plot points have been changed to make this fit with those arcs as well, however it should be nothing notable, it was just a matter of consistency.

If you stuck with me, enjoy the fanfic.


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***************Classic Snowflake Opening**************** 

Chapter 1- 

            With her arms unpinned Lina took the opportunity to roll onto her back, untangling a foot from the bedding in the process.  Quickly Gourry repositioned his naked body over hers.  Leaning in he gave her a few quick kisses as she reached down and guided him to her entrance.  An instant later he was sliding into her. 

            Momentarily Lina was distracted.  Outside the window the moon hung full, lighting up the whole sky.  Her attention shifted as Gourry began to pump himself in and out of her wetness.  Before long Lina was holding herself tightly against his body, digging her nails into his back.  It wasn’t their first time, far from it, and Gourry had gotten very good at what he did.

             All Lina could do was hang on as the sensations overwhelmed her.  The first orgasm built quickly, she forced it.  After that one she allowed the second to build at its own pace as Gourry moved his shaft deep inside her, sliding between her pussy lips until they were glistening, until her whole mound felt engorged from arousal. 

            Her second orgasm was so much stronger than her first.  All she could manage were grunts timed with his own as she tried to express her approval.  The feel of her walls tightening around him, her own passion drove him over the edge as well.  She felt him tense, burying himself as deeply as he could.  It was a lie.  She shook the thought from her head as his shaft twitched, filling her.

            Gourry held himself still, breathing deeply, savoring the connection between the two of them.  Soon enough the breeze from the open window started too cool them both as the passion faded.  Finally she felt him go too soft to stay inside her.  “I love you.”  He moved in, kissing her on the forehead before allowing himself to slip out of her confines, rolling onto his back.

            Still panting lightly, Lina reached between her legs and played with the slickness she found there, rubbing her slippery fingers together, scooping at the wetness and forcing it back inside herself.  “I hope it works this time…”  She mumbled out, still glowing. 

            Gourry rolled onto his side, catching Lina with a kiss on the lips, “It will.” 



             Three days had already passed from that last bout of love making.  Lina looked down at her own boots, dirty from the road.  Things had moved fast.  She’d finally given into Amelia’s pressuring.  Lina’s argument that only the rich had weddings ended up poked full of so many holes by the princess that Lina had no choice but to give into her demands and concede to a ceremony.

             The wedding was on, and Amelia had pushed things rapidly from there.  They even had a guest list.  Lina took a moment to find the position of the sun in the sky, shielding her eyes.  Amelia had offered to send a messenger, but Lina felt obligated to at least pass the news along to Sylphiel in person.  She noted that the road had turned north.  That was good, it meant she was getting close to Sairaag. 

             When Lina had started her search for the Shrine Maiden, she‘d searched Saillune.  Up until recently Saillune had been her home, she’d been living with her relatives there after the Phibrizzo incident.  Lina though had been unable to locate her, and after some digging found that she had traveled back to Sairaag a few months earlier. 

            Lina picked up her pace, but with a bit of trepidation.  She was not looking forward to the meeting.  Sylphiel would act cordial, that much she knew.  But what hurt her the most was that she would mean it, even if it tore her up inside.  That’s why she hadn’t been able to bear bringing Gourry, the swordsman’s presence could only exasperate matters.  Besides, there were other things that the two of them needed to talk about alone.

             Hours later Lina found herself looking out over the cursed crater city of Sairaag.  It did not look the best after two separate bouts of Armageddon.  The outer edges of the crater were ringed with fallen trees.  Inside the crater, the wall was in places a sheer stone cliff and in other places a cascade of debris.  Occasionally runoff from the earth above gave a steep sandy slope leading to the ground below, but for the most part an unsuspecting traveler would be met with a potentially fatal fall.  The center of the city was now a swamp, it had been the only thing to quickly grow over, the stagnant water there loosing its clarity and taking on a forbidding feeling.

             Lina shook the scene from her head.  She couldn’t delude herself enough at the moment to not feel the weight of responsibility.  Looking over the crater she didn’t see any dwellings, save a shack nearby.  At least nothing that would pass for a home in a conventional sense.  That didn’t bode well.  Sighing, Lina edged herself down the sandy embankment toward the structure.

             The house was small and built of stone with a thatched rooftop.  As Lina approached she noticed the heavy wooden door, and the window next to it, the door itself being almost intimidating, even on such a small dwelling.  She trudged through the scant undergrowth, brambles, and more growing all around and was thankful that the area nearby was cleared.

             Lina forced a slight smile as she reached the threshold.  She gave the dwelling one last wary look-over, wishing the curtains in the window were not drawn before rearing her hand back and knocking.

             Out of the corner of her eye Lina saw the curtains flutter and wished that she had been paying more attention to them.  Without missing a beat the door came open, and there was Sylphiel with a huge smile on her face.  “Lina!”  She shouted out before grabbing the sorceress up in a hug.

             “Sylphiel?”  Lina gasped out, feeling the air forced from her lungs.

             “Oh, its been a long time!”  Sylphiel pulled back, her smile still dominating her features.  Lina tried to look around her when Sylphiel spoke up again, “Sorry for being rude, please come on.”  She offered when she noticed Lina trying to peek behind her.

             “Thanks, I’ve been traveling pretty hard the last couple days.”  Lina breathed out as she walked into the building.  It did indeed appear to be Sylphiel’s home.  Beneath the window was a small table with two chairs, the wood of the table top was stained and pitted, the chairs were not much better.  The floor was solid stone save a rug that looked small even in the diminutive home.  Furthest from the door was a bed, barely big enough for one.  There were other adornments too, a small ice chest, a dresser that was sized more like a nightstand, a two burner wood stove…

             “Where’s Gourry-sama?”  Sylphiel asked, looking out the door after Lina had come inside and sat down.  She hoped that she was not asking out of turn.

             Lina flinched, looking Sylphiel over, her clothes were clean but she wasn’t wearing her usual Shrine Maiden outfit, and somewhere along the way she had halved the length of her hair.  “He’s back in Saillune.”  Lina answered truthfully, hoping that Sylphiel wouldn’t pry too much more.  Lina looked around the building, she felt like she’d been kicked in the gut.

             “So, tell me, what brings you to Sairaag?”  Sylphiel asked, sitting down next to Lina.  Taking a moment to look over the Sorceress, she looked about the same as ever but it was the lines of worry on her face that quickly spread to Sylphiel’s own features.

             “Oh, you know… this and that…”  Lina answered.  After she had walked into Sylphiel’s home she’d shredded her mental plan.  “But, how are you doing”  Lina asked, trying to redirect the conversation.  To give herself more time to think.

             “Me?”  Sylphiel asked, honestly surprised.  “I’m doing okay, it’s definitely not like living in Saillune… or like how Sairaag used to be…”  She added the last part much lower, “I’ve always lived in the city and now, it’s strange to be so on my own.” 

             “Yeah.”  Lina looked down at her hands, wishing she had some tea, or anything to sip on, she felt out of place holding a conversation without it.  “So, why did you leave the city?”  Lina asked, trying to force the conversation along.  As soon as she saw Sylphiel’s head drop she knew it was the wrong question to ask. 

             “My aunt and uncle that I had been staying with… both passed on.”  This time the smile that Sylphiel flashed didn’t reach her eyes even though she had tried to force it.  “So, I came back home.”  Sylphiel hoped that she was hiding the pain well enough but couldn’t keep the wistful tone from her voice. 

             Lina felt herself sicken, “I’m sorry.”  Lina mumbled, not sure what she could say.  Carefully she pushed herself up from her chair and walked across the room before sitting down heavily on Sylphiel’s bed.  The comforter was a patchwork of other blankets.  In some settings Lina would bet that it had been made that way intentionally, but in this case it just looked wrong, no, in this case it was obviously the best that Sylphiel could muster.

             “It’s okay.”  Sylphiel turned in her chair toward Lina.  Sylphiel swallowed hard, it was hard to talk about but something she couldn’t deal with.

             Looking around, Lina noted the picture nearby.  It was difficult not to scrutinize the portrait of Gourry that sat on Sylphiel’s dresser once she noticed it.  Although it was just a little sketch there was no mistaking who it was meant to be.  “Does anyone else live here… in Sairaag?”  Lina asked, trying not to focus on the picture.

             “No… sometimes there are bandits but I bar the door…”  She wanted to add a chuckle at the end to lighten the mood but couldn’t manage it.  She felt bad for not having better news.

             “Sylphiel…?”  Lina asked, bouncing slightly on the bed and making sure to catch her gaze.

             “Yes?”  Sylphiel answered, sitting more upright in her chair in response.

             “Do you mind if I stay with you for a day or two?”  Lina asked, immediately wondering how to work it into the larger picture.

             “I--I don’t mind, but--”  Sylphiel stuttered as she took to her feet in an attempt to clear her mind, “But I only have the one bed…”

             “We can share… if you don’t mind.  Of if you do, I can sleep on the floor.”  She added quickly, again putting the decision to Sylphiel.

            “Well, I don’t mind but--”  Sylphiel paused, biting her lip and looking around, “But I don’t think we have enough food either.”  Sylphiel gave a sideways glance at the ice chest.  She hated to admit it but she knew Lina could eat her out of house and home so there was no reason to hide it. 

             Lina gave a sidelong glance at the ice chest before rising to her feet.  She hadn’t noticed that it was actually a set of cupboards atop a very small ice chest.  Lina walked over to the ice chest and crouched down, opening the cupboards.  A half loaf of crusty bread.  Lina frowned, she opened the ice chest.  Musty and damp.  No ice, no food.  “When are you planning on stocking up on supplies again?”  Lina asked wearily, worried about the answer.

             “I go into town about once a month.”  Sylphiel answered quickly, hoping she would leave it at that. 

            “And when was the last time you were in town?”

             “About a week and a half ago.”  Sylphiel answered, defeated. 

            Lina looked her over, wondering how skinny she had become under the layers of clothing she was wearing.  “We’ll go tomorrow.”  Lina smiled, closing the ice chest and door.

             “But…”  Again Sylphiel stumbled, “I don’t have any money…”  She muttered, knowing that Lina would bail her out without a second thought and feeling all the worse for it.

             Lina flinched, wondering how things had slid so far.


Chapter 2 - 

            It was only now, trying to work her way precariously down the hillside in the dark, that Lina understood exactly how a pack mule felt.  Or Gourry in most cases.  After their initial discussion about the provisions, Lina had seized on the opportunity to take Sylphiel out shopping.  It was still early enough in the day to make it up the road to the closest town.  Or, well, at least the closest outpost of civilization, a few houses, a tavern, and a grocer.  It was plenty enough though for the two of them.

             Now however, carrying the fruits of her guilt-induced buying spree Lina had to wonder if she had overdone it.  She was weighed down, Sylphiel less so.  They had enough food to last them a week, and that was if Lina decided to stay that long.  Honestly she had no clue how long that same amount of food would last Sylphiel but she wagered she wouldn’t have to go back to town for awhile. 

             New blankets and pillows were also in the mix, Lina had convinced Sylphiel that she was used to sleeping with the best to soften any guilt Sylphiel felt over the purchase.  It seemed to work since all she got in reply was a questioning look.  A few pots and pans along with some other odds and ends also found their way into the sacks. 

             The sun had passed completely below the horizon a short time earlier, they had taken a chance, especially with the main route to Sairaag so overgrown.  Thankfully the Miasma forest had ceased to exist in its original form since Phibrizzo had taken hold of the city all of those years ago.  So, guided by a light spell the two of them closed in on their goal. 

             Reaching the door, Sylphiel reached up on her tippey toes and pulled an inconspicuous string near the top of the door.  Lina heard the door unlatch and a moment later she was stumbling inside, tossing her payload in a pile on the floor.  “Whooo!”  Lina breathed out in the dark, “Lighting.”  Quickly the room took on a soft glow and Sylphiel walked over to the dresser and lit a lamp there. 

             Letting herself topple onto her butt, Lina started reaching behind herself to the burlap sacs that contained their necessities.  Soon enough the cupboards were loaded as was the ice box.  “Freeze arrow.”  Lina intoned, calling fourth a single thick arrow of ice.  Instead of loosing it however she held it steady, feeling the kinetic energy within it dissipate until it fell from between her hands to the ground.  Quickly Lina cracked it against the edge of the ice chest.  It broke into pieces that she tossed inside.

             “I didn’t know you could do that.”  Sylphiel wondered aloud from across the room.

             Lina smiled back, “If you want I could show you how.” 

             “Maybe later.”  Sylphiel answered back nervously, leaving Lina to wonder if Sylphiel’s mastery of simple spells was yet to improve.

             Lina shrugged, the cupboards full she started stacking foodstuffs on the floor next to the ice box, hoping that no pests would get at them.  Idly she noticed that Sylphiel was making the bed, adding the new sets of blankets to the mass.  It was chilly outside and inside as well.  Her chore done a moment later, Lina made her way over to the stove.  With the embers still inside she grabbed up a few pieces of firewood and tossed them into the hearth, as well as a burlap sack that they had used to carry back some of the goods from the store.

             The sack took flame quickly and spread to the wood, the dry bark crackling.  Lina held her hands out to feel the warmth and soon enough the whole area around the fire was nice and toasty.  Lina closed the grate over the stove and stood, “So, is there anything you do for fun at night around here?”  Lina laughed out, looking around.

             “Usually I just go to sleep about now.”  Sylphiel answered in all seriousness.  Honestly she felt the need to entertain Lina but there was not much to do aside from some light reading.

             “Yeah… ummm… okay.”  Lina walked over to her pack that she had brought along, rooting through it a moment before pulling out her pajamas.  Facing the corner of the room Lina undressed and quickly attired herself with her sleeping clothes.  She turned back just in time to see Sylphiel pull off her bra, exposing her breasts.  Momentarily Lina looked away.  When she turned back Sylphiel had donned a large shirt.  She still did not have on any pants but it was long enough to maintain her modesty.

             “Ready for bed?”  Sylphiel asked rhetorically before walking over and past Lina, ensuring that the door was secure for the night and giving one last quick check out the window.

             “I guess.”  Lina mumbled, walking over to the bed.  It seemed so much smaller with sleeping so close at hand.  It was not large enough for the two of them to sleep shoulder to shoulder, one of them could be laying flat at any time, but not both of them unless one of them wanted to fall to the floor.  Lina sighed, it was going to be a long night.

             Sylphiel put out the lamp, but there was still enough orange light from the stove to see by.  At least enough for Lina to make it to the bed.  Lina started padding her way to the bed just as she heard Sylphiel lay down.  The bed gave a creek, the slotted woodwork settling into place for the evening.  Lina reached the bed, happy to have the cover pulled back already. 

             Seconds later she was sticking her cold feet beneath the covers as she climbed into the bed.  It was very close quarters indeed, Lina was thankful that Sylphiel had chosen to lie on her side, facing the wall instead of outward.  It gave Lina just enough room to lie on her back.  “Good night Sylphiel.”

            “Good night to you too Lina.”  Sylphiel snuggled into her pillow and wiggled herself slightly. 

            Lina sighed, at first she was happy that Sylphiel had given her the bulk of the bed so she could lay out.  But already she found herself feeling greedy.  Slowly she rolled onto her own side, facing away from the shrine maiden.  She held her position like that, then knowing that it was going to happen sooner or later, allowed herself to fall backwards, so that her own back rested against Sylphiel’s. 

            The shrine maiden said nothing.  Lina laid there listening to the fire crackle.  She listened and felt every breath that Sylphiel took.  It was relaxing in its own way but nothing that Lina was used to as of late. 

            Sylphiel shuffled around in the bed a moment more, “This is the first time I’ve shared a bed with someone since I was a little girl.”  She wasn’t exactly sure what to do with her feet, her hands, she was hopeful though that the statement might grant her some immunity.

            Lina smiled, “Don’t worry, I’ll go easy on ya.”  Lina laughed more to herself than Sylphiel, remembering how she had abused Amelia in her sleep one too many times.  She hoped that she had learned her lesson.  At least Gourry didn’t seem to be complaining as of late.  Through Sylphiel’s back she felt her give a little laugh too, at least she hadn’t taken her too seriously.  “Good night.”  Lina said again.

           “Good night.”

            Lina closed her eyes, trying not to focus on the sounds or the outside world.  It was hard enough to relax, especially with her mind so heavy.  This hadn’t been how she had intended things to go.  She was supposed to show up, tell Sylphiel the news, invite her to the wedding… Lina sighed when she thought about the rest of her plan. She was sure that Sylphiel would help her, but she felt so horrible on the inside, so much of Sylphiel’s life to this point had been her fault. 



            “Sylphiel?”  Lina asked, the words ringing out like the snapping of a broom stick.

             “Humm?”  Sylphiel asked, looking up from her book and adjusting the reading glasses on her nose.

             Lina looked down at what was left of lunch.  She hadn’t been very hungry.  She tried to forestall her answer, taking in the room, taking in the expression on Sylphiel’s face.  “Why I came here is… I need your help.”  Lina again looked downcast at the table. 

             “With what?”  Something immediately felt ‘off’ and Sylphiel was left wondering exactly what it was that Lina would seem so worried about.

             Instantly she was that friend that Lina felt she always needed when she was a little girl.  She hadn’t felt like she needed a friend like that in a long time, she could take care of herself.  That’s why it hurt so much.  “I need you to….”  Lina grimaced visibly, she just had to get out the last bit, as much as it hurt, as much as it embarrassed her, “ I need you to find out why I can’t get pregnant.”  It was out.  If anything the room went even more silent.  Lina looked up from the table to see Sylphiel’s slack-jawed expression.

             “You… and Gourry-sama…”  It wasn’t a question, more of a coping mechanism.  Sylphiel took a shaky breath and forced her smile back in place one movement at a time, for the moment fragile, seconds away from collapse. 

             Sylphiel took a deep breath, “Lina… I-”  Sylphiel swallowed hard, “I don’t know about that, it could be a lot of things.”  She held in her tears admirably and doubled her smile, “You’ve just got to keep trying.” 

             Lina shook her head, “No, it’s not that-- something is wrong with me, I know it… I need you to try and fix it, to heal me.”  Lina let out the breath she had been holding raggedly.

             “I could try.”  Sylphiel nodded her head and stood from her chair.  Taking off her glasses she sat them down on the table as her book dropped carelessly from her hands.  It distracted her only momentarily as it fell to the floor.  She motioned with her hand and Lina stood from the table.

             “I need you to lie down on the bed.”  Sylphiel motioned toward the mattress.  Focusing on the task at hand and trying to forget the ramifications.

             “Okay.”  Lina agreed, suddenly feeling vulnerable.

             “Now I need you to cross your arms like this.”  Sylphiel took Lina’s arms and crossed them over her chest.  “Please hold still.” 

              Lina closed her eyes as she felt Sylphiel place her hands to her stomach.  It was warm.  “I feel funny, it’s kind of hot.”  Lina mumbled, feeling guilty and subdued. 

             “That’s me pushing energies through the channels in your body.  It’s like putting water in a flask to check for a leak.”  Sylphiel answered, trying to let herself be distracted.  Still, she was starting to get over the initial shock.

             Lina opened one of her eyes slightly, taking in the picture of Gourry on Sylphiel’s dresser.  She wondered if Sylphiel thought they were already married, or even if they were going to get married.  The air suddenly expelled form Lina’s lungs, but the discomfort was momentary.  She hadn’t felt Sylphiel press down on her, it must have been the energy.  There were more sensations, some warm and welcoming, others bordering on painful. 

             Sylphiel felt her blood run cold, “You had your sorcery permatized, didn’t you?” 

             Lina’s eyes opened wide at the seriousness.  “I--ummm…”  Lina stopped long enough to take a deep breath, “We were in Saillune fighting these two Mazoku that Amelia’s cousin hired and I-- I lost my powers from some funky spell…”  Lina felt herself talking faster, trying to justify, “I decided that  I would never loose my powers again, at least not form something I could prevent.”  Lina forced a smile to her own face, “So, I had myself locked.”  The serious look not leaving Sylphiel’s face Lina continued, “I decided to devote myself to magic and I-- I….”  Lina trailed off, she couldn’t get Sylphiel to shake the look, “I heard that a powerful healer could fix it in most cases.”  Lina rushed out, guiltily.

             Sylphiel shook her head, “No… I can’t.”  And that’s what hurt her the most.

             Lina’s smile dropped from her face, she couldn’t even fake it. 

             Sylphiel continued, “There’s nothing left to heal.  Whoever did this was very thorough.”  Lina looked like she wanted to say something, to bring up some point against the reasoning and Sylphiel felt compelled to explain the rest of it to her, “Healing magic is... It’s not the same, the human body-- you cannot target a spell like that with any skill within the body.  All modern magic can do is increase a persons own natural healing capacity.  Whoever did this-- destruction is much easier than healing, and they destroyed everything…”

             “So, you’re saying… I’ll never be able to have children.”  The tears were there already, it was clear as day but she had to hear it.

             “I’m sorry Lina…”  And the strange thing was, the grief she was feeling for Lina, surpassed what she was feeling for herself.

             “Oh-- oh gods!”  Lina cried out, twisting onto her side and facing the wall, pulling the pillow against her face, already wrecked with sobs.  Timidly Sylphiel climbed into the bed next to her, laying up against her, holding her and trying to whisper encouragement in her friends ear.



             Lina looked down at her plate.  The sun had set and dinner had passed without her saying a word.  Her eyes felt swollen, her heart hurt.  “You know, I tried to talk Amelia into it.”  Lina said suddenly, breaking the awkward silence.

             Sylphiel turned in Lina’s direction, listening intently. She knew there wasn’t much she could say.

             “She wouldn’t do it.  She said that she needed the heirs.”  Lina forced a smile but it was transparent, “But you know me… that just spurned me on me and now… now… I’m sterile.”  The smile twisted, overcome with bitterness she again felt the tears burning at the corners of her eyes.  It was dark outside.  Time for bed.  She fled the table.

             “I’m so sorry-- if I could do anything.”  Sylphiel trailed off, sitting at the table helplessly.

             Lina rolled onto her side, the pillow still wet with her tears from earlier she felt no aversion to adding to them.  “Gourry’s going to leave me.”  She mumbled out at Sylphiel.  “He wants children and I can’t have them… and I never realized how much I wanted them either.”

             “Lina…”  Sylphiel tried, feeling completely helpless.

             Lina resisted turning to the voice, it felt comforting but far away.  “I’m useless-- worthless…. I’m worthless…”  Lina sobbed into the pillow.  “I can’t give the man I love what he wants… worthless…”



Chapter 3 -

            Lina awoke confused, worried, panicked, but quickly came to her senses. She couldn’t remember the dream, but it left a sickly feeling in her stomach. As she laid there the feeling trebled. Shyly she laid her arm across the bed, feeling for Sylphiel unrealistically as if she had somehow shrunk herself. Turning her head slightly Lina looked across the room. It was dark, just a sole lamp lighting the darkness on the table near the window.

            Sylphiel sat in her undersized chair reading. Her glasses resting delicately on her nose. Lina smiled before she rolled back, but the smile was misshapen, and soon enough transformed into a thin line as she held in the sob. To wake up alone, she’d wanted Sylphiel to be there next to her, telling her things would be all right just as she had earlier. Instead she just felt abandoned. Exposed.

            This time Lina failed to hold in the sob, or the one that followed. After that it felt so much better to just let them come that she damned her own strength that fought against each in turn, she just wanted to let go.

            The feeling of a hand on her back hardly came as a surprise but Lina’s mood had become too black to just accept it. Lina pulled herself away, pressing herself against the wall.

            “It’s okay, I’m here…” Sylphiel tried reassuringly, laying her hand once again on Lina’s back only to have her pull away and press herself more fully against the wall.

            “No… just go back to your book.” Lina grumbled to herself, her eyes still sore from her cry earlier. Her throat horse.

            “Please…” Sylphiel tried again, slowly petting Lina’s shoulder. She needed to do something to break the wall that was rising between the two of them.

            “What can I do? What do I have left to offer Gourry…” Lina asked between sobs.

            “Lina, you have plenty, but the only thing he wants…” Sylphiel paused for a moment, her own heart aching from the admission, “The only thing he wants is your love.” It was for Lina, she could admit it for Lina.

            “And children…” Lina added quickly, trying to spoil the effort, “And a woman with bigger tits, and someone who doesn’t blow him up when she’s mad.” Lina grabbed the pillow tightly against her face, “I don’t know what he ever saw in me…”

            “I don’t think you realize what kind of a great person you are…” Sylphiel started, moving onto the bed and pulling herself against Lina’s back with a hug. At first she felt Lina try to shake it off, seething at first and not giving into the warmth.

            “I--” Lina cut herself off and she sobbed once again, she wanted to keep going, being mad at herself. She wanted to bring up Gourry, make Sylphiel mad at her too. She felt self destructive and she knew it. She wanted it. “Just let me go.” Lina struggled more violently and in response Sylphiel pulled herself against Lina more tightly.

            “Not until you realize how much Gourry cares for you, and how much it would hurt him if anything ever happened to you.” Sylphiel answered, trying to make it apparent that if Lina was having violent thoughts she should get rid of them immediately, she wanted Lina to know that people cared about her.

            “I don’t care…” Lina muttered dejected, letting herself go limp. It was too hard to stay angry at Sylphiel. “Gourry doesn’t know yet, about the-” Lina stopped, feeling herself get choked up when she thought about the procedure she had undergone. She felt Sylphiel tighten her grip slightly in response to her quivering.

            Lina turned enough to meet Sylphiel’s eyes. Those green eyes, even in the dim light without their color they still maintained their strength. Her features though were more rough than they had been when they had first met. She had to be pushing at least thirty by now. But it wasn’t the age wearing on her, it was the tragedy, her father, her city, her temple, her entire family.

            The kiss on the lips came unexpectedly, though in retrospect Lina realized that she had been leaning in. Sylphiel’s hands were around her back, pulling her into it. Turning her more fully, keeping her face to face.

            Lina couldn’t muster the words once the kiss was broken. She felt as shocked as she looked. Anger, sadness, unable to tell what she should have been feeling she checked them off one at a time in her head before Sylphiel moved back yet again and kissed her full on the lips.

            This time Lina pushed herself away from Sylphiel, pressing her back against the wall and nearly sending the shrine maiden to the floor in the process. “What the hell do you think you‘re doing!?” Lina called out exasperated.

            “I-- I just wanted to show you that no matter how you feel, people still care about you.” She’d been desperate to do anything to get through to the Sorceress, the blackness of her mood had been growing…

            Lina licked her lips, her depression shattered revealing the shock beneath it, “Oh, jeeze, you just about gave me a heart attack.” Lina mumbled, feeling her heart racing in her chest and feeling flustered for it. It had just been a desperate distraction.

            Sylphiel reached back out and drew Lina into her arms, the sorceress wary after the last surprise still gave in. “I just want to make you feel good, I don’t want you to tear yourself apart like this…” Sylphiel mumbled, nuzzling Lina’s head with her own, a rush of ideas hastily assembling themselves in her head.

           It was very comforting, more so than just the spooning had been before, Lina found herself rapidly settling in, but the thoughts of the kiss prevented her from completely relaxing her guard, “But… why the kisses…”

            Sylphiel took a deep breath in Lina’s hair, “You’re not flat chested… you’re not ugly, you’re beautiful.” Sylphiel sighed, rubbing her hands over Lina’s back, “And I want you to feel beautiful.”

            “Oh.” Lina mumbled, at a loss yet again for the night. She laid there feeling Sylphiel trail her hands over her back, rubbing, in constant motion. She felt herself pulled against Sylphiel, feeling her own chest pressed against Sylphiel’s, feeling the heat there. Lina tried to sigh but it came out ragged, the situation was turning… more than it should have. The massaging and closeness were getting to Lina.

            Slowly Sylphiel pulled her hands from behind Lina’s back, but Lina pushed herself forward, keeping herself against Sylphiel, “Please… don’t stop.” Lina mumbled out.

            “You want me to do more…?” Sylphiel asked, putting her face again in Lina’s hair, making her head feel warm and her brain feel muddled. Wondering how much further she would go.

            “Please…” Lina breathed out, her face flush, wanting to forget the events of the day. Wanting to believe that Sylphiel could make her feel beautiful.

            “Oh…!” Lina gasped as Sylphiel lowered her head and gave light bites down her neck and to her shoulder. She hadn’t expected the move so suddenly but melted into it nonetheless. She felt her own body go limp though form no volition of her own, and as Sylphiel traced her fingers under her shirt, over her back, and kissed her sensitive neck, she gave in fully to her ministrations.

            Slowly Lina became aware of how shallow her breathing had become and Sylphiel had moved her hands from behind Lina’s back to under the front of her shirt. Involuntarily Lina found herself gently rubbing her pelvis against Sylphiel’s thigh. Sylphiel kissed her fully on the lips again before puling up Lina’s shirt.

            Lina stopped her mid-way, breaking the kiss, “No.” She pushed Sylphiel’s hands back down.

            Sylphiel though kept up the pressure, “Please… let me see.” She knew that Lina’s chest was always a sensitive point, if she was going to start making her feel better about herself it would be a good place to start.

            Lina swallowed hard, Sylphiel had seen her shirtless before but it had become so much harder to let anyone see her like that, even Gourry after she had stopped traveling with them on a regular basis. Reluctantly, Lina moved her own hands aside and Sylphiel quickly seized the opportunity to raise up Lina’s shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and with her chest band removed earlier, her breasts were quickly exposed.

            “They’re beautiful Lina.” Sylphiel smiled in the darkness, she couldn’t make out much detail but knew the compliment would be important.

            “No, they’re too small.” Lina whined, starring off at the opposite wall.

            “Perfect.” Sylphiel countered, lowering herself down and taking one of the nipples in her mouth.

            The fluttering feeling reminded her of her first time with Gourry. Though she had succeeded in keeping her shirt on that time. One of Sylphiel’s free hands found a nipple and went to work on that one as well. Her other hand dropped awkwardly below Lina’s waistband and into her pants.

            Lina felt herself dry at first, it had been that way since the procedure. But it wasn’t long before Sylphiel’s fingers had worked some wetness into the area. She kept up the attention, not missing a beat, unlike Gourry who seemed to have a hell of a time multitasking the way Sylphiel was. At first Sylphiel was using one finger, then two. The motions fluid, one thrusting in, then the other, sometimes two at a time, and occasionally a third worked in. It was hard for Lina to tell. Or even for her to keep track of how long things had been progressing.

            Suddenly Lina felt her stomach tense, pulsing in time with Sylphiel’s movements. She was already nearing that plateau, unbidden depressing thoughts from earlier filtered into her mind, filling her with the amazement that she could ride that edge between depression and bliss so strongly.

            Lina opened her eyes slowly and looked down. By the lamp light Sylphiel’s hair was dark black, but it contrasted well with her fair skin as she suckled her nipple. The contractions in her stomach were coming faster, Lina crooked an arm around Sylphiel’s head and pulled the Shrine Maiden against her which caused her to redouble her efforts.

            It proved to be too much. Lina felt herself climaxing, shuddering, Sylphiel rubbing up against her. Then as she came down, Sylphiel moving up in the bed and holding her close, face to face as the feelings subsided. They both laid there in silence for several minutes, just heavy breathing between them.

            “Thank you…” Lina mumbled, hardly able to believe what had happened.

            “Thank you too…” Sylphiel moved in and gave a more caring kiss on the lips, but just as intimate. She was amazed that she had gone so far, her own arousal to blame as much as her caring for Lina.

            For Lina however, passion quickly gave way to sleep and she found herself comfortably resting with her head on Sylphiel’s chest. The next morning the shrine maiden awoke alone.


Chapter 4

             Slowly Sylphiel reached across the table and touched the envelope resting against the wall.  She let it drop down on the table and picked it up, brining it to her.  She had written it to Amelia and she was wondering for the umpteenth time if it was wise to send it.  Lina had just disappeared.  But it hadn’t been a struggle.  Sometime during the night, or morning, she had just packed up and left.  Judging by the time Sylphiel had woken the next day she was sure that Lina had used a sleeping spell to ensure that she would be able to escape without any questions. 

             So she wondered yet again if she should send the letter.  Had Lina traveled back to Saillune on her own?  Or had what they did-- that night somehow push her over the edge instead?  Sylphiel sighed and buried her head in her hands.  She should have done something else, anything.  But her rash actions…  And again she had reasoned herself into immobility, worrying that Lina might return, or might be in Sairaag, or could be anywhere.

             Carefully she placed the letter back on the table leaning against the windowsill.  She would give it a few more days, then she would go to Sairaag herself to see if they had heard anything, it would do her good to get out of the house.

             Sylphiel’s head jerked to the side at the sound of a knock on the door and she threw herself to her feet and rushed to the door, not even caring to check if it was friend or bandit.  Throwing the door open, Sylphiel stopped in her tracks.  It was Lina.  She felt her eyes burn and threaten to tear up.

             Lina bowed deeply, “I’m sorry.”  She held herself in that position looking down, waiting for Sylphiel.

             Lina felt hands on her shoulders, pulling her up.  Bringing her into a hug.  “I was so worried about you.”  Sylphiel buried her head against the sorceress’ shoulder. 

             “I’m sorry.”  Lina repeated again earnestly, feeling Sylphiel hold her tightly.

             “Don’t be…”  Sylphiel pulled back, wiping a tear from her eye, “How are you doing?” 

             “I’m doing… okay.”  Lina said at last, taking the invite and stepping inside.

             Sylphiel forced a laugh, reaching out and taking an envelope off her table, “I was going to send a letter to Saillune… I searched all around for you… but you didn’t even leave a note.” 

             Lina shook her head, “I had a lot on my mind, but I’ve done some thinking.”  She swallowed hard before continuing, “Can I stay here for the night?” 

             Sylphiel sniffled, the way she asked it was just like before, “Yeah, at least this time I’ve got plenty of the food to eat.”  She finished with a smile.

             “Still?  It’s been a week.”  Lina smiled in jest.

             “Yeah.”  Sylphiel laughed, “I’ve never really ate as much as you though.”

             Silence replaced productive conversation as Sylphiel trailed off.  Lina knew that she was thinking about their last night together.  Lina made her way over to the corner of the room and started unpacking, taking off her nap sack and dropping her cloak and shoulder guards to the ground.  Her boots and gloves joined the pile soon enough as she let herself unwind from the road.

             It had been a tough journey.  After the last night with Sylphiel, Lina had gone all out to get to Zephilia quickly, and there she’d invited her parents to her wedding.  The time crunch was starting to make itself apparent and she cursed herself for scheduling the event so soon.  Now though she had solidified the plans, and she was going to have to do whatever she could to ensure that everything was in place by the wedding day.

             Lina dropped down on the bed, the day had gone by quickly, Ray-winging through the sky almost non-stop.  Her magical reserves where high, exceptionally so but she still had a light feeling in her head, almost a form of inebriation. 

             Suddenly Lina’s vision swum and she allowed herself to drop back on the bed.  “Wake me when dinner’s ready, kay?”  Lina asked, allowing her eyes to close and trying to regain her energy, it was just barely into the afternoon but she had enough for now.

             “Are you feeling okay?”  Sylphiel stopped what she was doing momentarily.

             “Yeah, yeah…”  Lina lifted up her arm and waved her hand dismissively, “Just a little wore out.”

             “Well, feel free to relax then.”

             “Thanks.”  Lina let her hand drop down to the mattress and kicked her feet against the floor a few times.  The comforter that she had gotten for Sylphiel really made the mattress much softer.  She wasn’t going to let herself fall asleep though, just… relax.

             Time passed much more quickly than she anticipated, she figured that she must have fallen asleep somewhere along the line though she didn’t feel it.  She just felt relaxed.  Something smelled wonderful.  She wondered if she enjoyed Sylphiel’s food as much as Gourry.  It was definitely better than tavern fare.  It already smelled good but all she was doing was frying garlic.  Soon enough she heard Sylphiel setting the table and lifted herself from the mattress.  “Food done?”  Lina asked.

             “Yeah, I was just about ready to wake you.”  Sylphiel replied, using a mitt to grab the cast iron pan from the stovetop and slide some of the food onto their plates.

             “Smells good.”  Lina pushed herself up from the mattress and crossed the distance to the table, her stomach grumbling.  It wasn’t her usual quantity of food but it would suffice, she’d just have to eat an extra large meal when she made it back to Saillune she promised herself.

             Sylphiel smiled and set herself at the table.  The two of them started eating in silence.  “So, what have you been up to this last week?”  Sylphiel asked, trying to make conversation but trying to be careful not to bring up anything upsetting.

             Lina stopped eating for a moment, it was much later than it had been when she had laid down, the sun had completely set.  She shook her head to bring herself back to the conversation, “Doing the same thing I came back here to do.”  She answered cryptically.

             “What’s that?” 

             “Sylphiel, I would like to invite you to mine and Gourry’s wedding.”  Lina answered timidly, afraid of how she would take it.

             “I… would love to come.”  The smile was there, she really was happy for the two of them and she had more than a week to have gotten used to the idea.  Although Lina hadn’t said it outright, it was easy enough to figure out considering that she was trying to get pregnant.

             “And I would love for you to be there.”  Lina took another bite of her food.  It was really good and she had to marvel at Sylphiel’s ability to cook with such limited ingredients.

             “When is it?”

             “A week from today.” 

            “That soon?  Wow, so you’re heading back to Saillune tomorrow to get things in order?”  Sylphiel deduced.

             “There’s not much left for me to do.”  Lina laughed, “I left most of it to Amelia since she seemed so passionate about it.” Lina smiled and took a sip of wine, “She’s probably already got my dress picked out and everything.”

             “But it’s such a big day…”  Sylphiel started, “Don’t you want to plan it all out yourself?”

             “Not really.”  Lina said purposefully dismissively.  There was a part of her that wanted to do it, sure, but in her own time, on her own terms.  And it was just as satisfying to give the responsibility to Amelia and let herself relax.  “I’ve never been big on doing all of that girly stuff.”  Lina smiled, hoping to get Sylphiel to duplicate her response.

             “Oh, okay.”  Sylphiel replied a little warily, causing Lina to shift her own mood.

            “Don’t worry about it, I’m sure Amelia’s got it all taken care of.” 

             “I’m sure she does.  I just thought…”  Sylphiel trailed off before starting again, shifting the conversation, “About last week…”  She trailed off again, trying to read Lina’s emotions, “I’m sorry that I scared you off.”  Sylphiel downed her glass of wine before allowing her head to droop, unable to meet Lina’s eyes.

             “I-- it’s okay Sylphiel.”  Lina cleared her throat, “You didn’t scare me off, there was just -- just something that I had to do.”  Lina forced a smile, immediately going back to her food. 

             After that dinner had become awkward again, and even after the food was gone the awkwardness remained.  The two of them sitting around the table in the lamp light, neither saying much.  Sylphiel offered a book for Lina to read, Lina declined.  Eventually Lina dug into her own possessions but never committed herself to anything. 

             “About ready to call it a night?”  Lina asked as the evening started to wear on her.

             “Yeah.”  Sylphiel looked up from her book, “It’s about that time I guess.”  She answered after a moment of hesitation.

             Lina tried to relax as she made her way to the corner of the room and got ready for bed.  Timidly she stripped off her shirt feeling the trepidation creeping in for the first time that night.  She’d basically gone through with it once, albeit as the person receiving the attention.  Lina glanced over her shoulder, after dropping off her bra.  Sylphiel was just settling down into bed, already dressed in an oversized shirt for the night. 

             Purposefully Lina reached down and untied her pants then stretched to the floor to pick up her night shirt.  Standing she pulled it over her head and stepped out of her pants.  The situation really started to catch up with her as she reached beneath her shirt and carefully dropped her panties, stepping out of them.  She knew if Sylphiel had seen her she would have a tip off of what was to come, but she didn’t want to turn around for fear that Sylphiel might pick up on her planning something.  So she removed them with a fluid motion.

             Lina let out a shuddering breath as she walked to the bed, feeling as if she should be walking differently due to lacking that small piece of attire.  It wasn’t the first time she’d neglected her panties with an ulterior motive, but it would be her first time… She gulped at the prospect as she slid beneath the covers.  The room being only lit by the faint dance of flames along the ground from Sylphiel’s stove and the dim glow from the moon against the curtains.

             Half-naked, the room had a distinct chill to it suddenly which caused Lina to snuggle in all the more.  Unabashed she nuzzled herself against Sylphiel.  Sylphiel’s breathing was off, she knew.  Gingerly Lina forced and arm beneath the Shrine Maiden and snaked another around her side to meet them behind her back, pulling her into a hug, pulling her own face against Sylphiel’s chest.

             “Sylphiel…?”  Lina tried, realizing there was no reason to delay any further.

             “Yes?”  Sylphiel replied, she felt her heat beat speed up and wondered if Lina could feel the same.  The feeling was back again, that sensual worry that she had before.

             “After what you did for me… the last time…”  Lina swallowed dryly, tilting her head upward, “I want to do the same for you…”  She finished the sentence with a kiss, pulling herself tightly against Sylphiel.

             “--Lina.”  Sylphiel broke the kiss against Lina’s wishes, “You --”  Sylphiel cursed herself for stating the obvious but continued, “What I did, it was for you.”  She shook her head in the dark, the gesture nearly lost on Lina.  The sorceress squirmed herself upward for a kiss, but Sylphiel pulled herself just out of reach, “Please, I don’t need this, not like you did, I’ll get over it…”  She trailed off, her voice becoming lower, “I’ve had six years to get over it.” 

             “It’s not just that.”  Lina caught on as to what Sylphiel was referring to.  Craning her neck upward, again she failed to plant a kiss but was undaunted, “I want to make you feel how you made me feel.” 

             “What I did before…”  Sylphiel trailed off, unsure of what to say, she’d done what she had done out of desperation.  That’s how she’d justified it to herself.  There wasn’t anything more, and she was afraid that if Lina went through with this, that it wouldn’t be just some random mistake.  It would change things.  Her train of thought was interrupted as Lina lifted her shirt.  Sylphiel tried to reach down to impede her action but when she tried to change her hands around, Lina took it as an invitation and moved in taking a kiss.  

             “Please-!”  Sylphiel pulled away which coincidently gave Lina further access to her chest, letting her finish lifting her shirt up.  Quickly Sylphiel reached up and pulled her shirt back down, incidentally over Lina’s hands as she had been quick to move in.  Lina found one of Sylphiel’s nipples and started rolling it between her fingers, using her other hand to massage the other large breast.

             Sylphiel let out a sigh, “What’s it going to take--!”  Sylphiel let out an involuntary squeal as Lina moved her hand to firmly grab Sylphiel’s butt, “Lina!”  The scathing look would have been lost on the Sorceress in the dark anyway had her face not been pressed against the front of her shirt.

             “This is my first time with a girl… so you need to tell me when I’m doing things right.”  Lina mumbled, feeling heady.  Wondering how Sylphiel had gotten it so right the last time.

             After attempting to slow her breathing and failing Sylphiel tried to let herself relax, “Is there anything I could say…”  Sylphiel stopped herself short, it wasn’t rape, she knew if she struggled enough Lina would stop, “I’m afraid that this will change things between us.”  Sylphiel admitted at last.

             “Who says that’s a bad thing?”  Lina moved her hand from Sylphiel’s behind and snaked it hand down Sylphiel’s pants, fumbling around.

             “I don’t have anyone left…”  Sylphiel huffed out pained, “I don’t know what I would do if I lost you, or Gourry…” 

             “You’ve trusted me with your life before, why not this?”  Again Lina tried unsuccessfully to find her target in Sylphiel’s panties.

              “I do trust you...”   She decided to let Lina take it as she would.  Sylphiel let herself relax into the mattress, feeling Lina’s hands instantly move with more purpose. 

             Lina immediately assumed control, pushing Sylphiel more fully onto her back, pushing her shirt up, and meeting no resistance.  By the light of the room just the faintest of glows could be seen coming off Sylphiel’s flesh but it was enough to guide Lina’s lips to Sylphiel’s dark nipples.  She groaned at the attention.  One of Lina’s hands replaced her mouth soon enough and freed her lips up for a series of kisses up Sylphiel’s naked chest.  She forced Sylphiel’s shirt up still further, playfully covering her face as she attempted to get to her neck. 

             “I need to get this off you.”  Lina breathed, pushing the shirt upward and getting Sylphiel to lift her own arms in cooperation.  A flash of light from Sylphiel’s eyes drew Lina to her face.  They kissed fully, deeply, Lina rubbing her naked legs against Sylphiel’s.  She continued the grind, forcing her own shirt up still further until their tummies rubbed against one another freely.

             The feel of Sylphiel’s nimble tongue, initially just a motionless partner, picked up.  Exploratory at first but eventually a competent dance partner in Lina’s mouth.  The kiss was broken suddenly as Lina lifted up and tossed her shirt aside.  It was dark enough to where Sylphiel would have a hard time seeing her chest so she felt slightly more secure. 

             Rolling off the Shrine Maiden, Lina moved off the bed momentarily.  Reaching down she grabbed Sylphiel’s panties and quickly removed them, knowing that if she had tried it while on the tiny bed she would have tumbled to the floor painfully.  And if anything it would have been a mood killer.

             Naked.  Lina re-joined the bed, the two of them grinding against one another completely unclothed.  The feel of skin on skin, better than the most expensive of silks.  It wasn’t the same as when Sylphiel had comforted her before, although it had been great, it was still awkward.  Now that feeling had disappeared.

             Lina had no clue where Gourry had learned it, but she was about to borrow one of the tricks he had used on her.  Slowly, Lina moved lower on Sylphiel’s body and moved her head between the Shrine Maiden’s legs.  The tentative licks were started, when her tongue started to become tired her fingers joined in, rocking into the woman beneath her.  Groans and moans were the reward for her effort.  Her arm started to burn from holding herself up at the angle, her fingers started to cramp, her tongue was sore and eventually raw as it was abraded by Sylphiel’s hair. 

             Lina pushed onward, she dropped her hand out from beneath her and moved it to Sylphiel’s chest.  It had been shaking too badly from supporting her weight.  She forced herself into a rhythm, it was the only way to continue.  Going back and fourth rubbing each of Sylphiel’s nipples, sucking and licking the nub of flesh between her legs, and plunging her fingers into Sylphiel’s sopping pussy.

             “Don’t… change… anything…”  Sylphiel gasped out.  Her breathing in time with Lina’s pistoning.  Her muscles felt taught as she reached down and put her hands against the back of Lina’s head, pulling it against her tighter, arching her back.  She would have never thought…

             Lina struggled to keep everything the same.  Sylphiel’s breathing was heavy enough now to where she could hear it.  Almost feel it in the way she was moving.  It was like her fingers were reaching to her solar plexus, pushing against her diaphragm with every breath, forcing it out of her.  Sylphiel’s fingers curled painfully against the back of her head. 

             “Oh… Lina!”  Sylphiel cried out, lifting up on her legs.

             Somehow Lina held on, moving with the lift, keeping her head and hands in place.  She slowed her pace as Sylphiel rode out the orgasm, feeling the rush of Sylphiel’s juices as her vaginal muscles clenched her fingers.  Lina let out a shaky breath, she was wore out.  Idly she wondered how much time had passed, her tongue was numb…  It was strange.  She was blanketed in sweat.  Exhausted she rolled to the foot of the bed, feeling the heat leave her body at length.

             Weak, excited, sated.  Sylphiel continued her shaky breathing as she stretched her legs out, laying them over the naked Lina at the foot of the bed but not caring.  When she heard Lina groan she was tempted to move them but failed.  Instead, Lina moved of her own accord and pulled herself up alongside Sylphiel.  Lina laid on her back, pulling Sylphiel onto her side, and Sylphiel felt her head pulled into the nook of Lina’s shoulder, resting there, her head on Lina’s breast.

             “Sylphiel?”  Lina tried, tired and weak but satisfied in her own way, like the feeling after a long run.

             “Humm?”  She would have managed a better response but was too wore out.

             “No-nothing.”  Lina replied at length.

             Sylphiel wanted to probe, there was something there.  But instead she found herself overcome by her baser instincts and slowly drifted off for the night.



             Realizing that she was making a spectacle of herself playing with her breakfast, Lina put down the fork.  She looked out the window, hoping for a delay but slowly turned back to Sylphiel who had also stopped eating.

             “Would you be willing…”  Lina stopped herself, wondering again if there was a better way to say it, “Since I cannot get…”  Lina trailed off again, it wasn’t as painful an admission as it had been but it still carried the regret, “Since I can’t get pregnant… could you… would you be willing to-”  Lina brought the unsteady smile to her features slowly, “Would you carry Gourry’s child?” 

             The comforting smile that Sylphiel had been offering dropped from her face, “I- I what?” Sylphiel turned away, a thousand thoughts cluttering her head all at once. 

             “Please…”  Lina turned her own gaze downward, looking at her half-eaten breakfast.  “We both want children… and we both care about you…”  Lina trailed off, she wanted to state the obvious but didn’t want to cheapen the situation.  She didn’t want to make it as much about Sylphiel as it was about a mistake she had made years ago.

             “I can’t just make that kind of decision on a whim…”  Sylphiel said at last, long after the silence became uncomfortable.  New worries that she had thought vanquished flourished newly in her mind.  She wondered if the night before must have been some kind of test.  Should she be mad?  She wondered if she should make Lina leave, did she have that right?  And if she said no, would that cause more of a blow to the friendship than if she agreed to help?

             Lina offered a weak smile, her heart thundering in her chest, feeling unsteady and nervous, “Can you come up with a decision by our wedding?”  Lina finally answered.

             “I- I might.”  Sylphiel looked out the window, wondering if this was a sign, the way her life could lead.  For the last several months she hadn’t had a goal in sight, just to live in the crater of the city she once loved.  But it had made her bitter, and there was no end in sight.  Could she…

             “Well, I guess I’ll get going then.”  Lina stood from the table abruptly.  She needed to give Sylphiel time to think things over.  Honestly she wasn’t sure if she would be willing to do it.  But when the idea had come to her mind it seemed almost perfect.  If there was anyone on the planet that she could bear to share Gourry with, it was the woman in front of her.  And she felt she proved it to herself the last night that they could get along well enough in bed as well. 

             Purposefully she donned her shoulder guards and cape before pulling on her boots.  Reaching down she grabbed her bag, wondering if Sylphiel would say anything or let the scene play out.  Even if the Shrine Maiden said ‘no’ she still wanted her at the wedding.  She would be there, Lina was sure of it.    “Good luck Sylphiel.”  Lina offered as she unlatched the door.

             “I’ll do it.”  Sylphiel stuttered out, surprising herself.

             Lina’s smile lit up, “Are you sure?”  She dropped her bag and walked over from the door.

             “Yes.”  Sylphiel nodded, feeling more sure of herself.  Trying to ignore the guilty feeling of at least getting some pleasure from the swordsman of her dreams.

             “Oh-”  Lina leaned foreword, hugging Sylphiel tightly, “-thank you so much Sylphiel.”  She hugged tighter, rubbing her face into Sylphiel’s shoulder, “Thank you, thank you… thank you…”



             Slowly Gourry looked through the crowd, thankful for his height.  The ceremony had gone off without a hitch, well, except for the intentional one.  But his bride had disappeared somewhere.  As he walked through the mob of people he was showered with congratulations’, people patting him on the back, well wishers hugging him.  Even Zelgadiss had given him a hug.  He acted cordial enough but right now he just wanted to find his wife.  The last time he had seen her was right after the ceremony, he’d slipped on the ring, gotten his kiss, then she was gone.

             Absently he wondered if she was up to something.  The people around were getting anxious, ready to send the bride and groom away to consummate things.  He smiled at the thought, things were already consummated enough as it was but they didn’t know that.  At least they wouldn’t have to hang out their sheets for public viewing like the royalty did. 

             As he looked around he thought back to when Lina had come back from her journey.  She’d acted differently and it had taken him the better part of the day to get it out of her though he was sure his pestering had nothing to do with it.  Even if they couldn’t have children though they could always adopt one.  He wasn’t too worried about it but it seemed to have a big impact on Lina. 

             “Hey, where’ve you been?” 

             Gourry turned around, that was supposed to be his line, “Lina?  Where’ve you been?”  He asked, momentarily thrown off.

             “Looking for you Jellyfish.” She stuck out her tongue at him to ward off any bad feelings.

             “Oh, me too, but it’s hard to find your way around with all of these people.”

            Lina looked around before chuckling, “Funny thing is, I don’t even know most of these people.”

             Gourry laughed back, he’d been thinking the same thing, “I think they’re just here for fodder later in case they have to stop you from blowing up their kingdom they can always say they were at your wedding.”

             Lina smiled, sometimes his sense of humor did manage to show through, especially when it was just between the two of them and he wasn’t trying to show off for someone else.  “I wouldn’t doubt it.”  Lina reached up and hugged Gourry around the neck, pulling him more down to her level, “Want to get out of here?”  She whispered in his ear, trying to give him some anticipation of what was to come.

             “What about all of these people?”  Gourry asked, still holding Lina in the hug.

             “Hey, it’s our wedding, they expect it.”  Lina pulled away with a smile, her eyes playfully locked with Gourry’s.  In return she got a nod and a smile.

             Lina turned from the swordsman, “Come on.”  She motioned for him to follow as they made their way through the crowd and to the podium at the front of the room.  Their progress was impeded a few times by well wishers but overall they made good time.  With the only people that mattered already dealt with the remainder of the people just expected a handshake or a hug.

             Reaching the podium, Lina waved her hands in the air, despite the added height of the stage and heels she still wasn’t up high enough.  She smiled as she felt Gourry’s hands encircle her waist, “Here.”  He offered as he lifted her up off her feet, giving her the height she needed.

             “Everyone!”  Lina called out, gaining the attention of most of the people near the stage immediately.  She waited until the field of attention had spread and the room quieted down quite a bit.  “Thank you all for coming to our wedding!”  Lina said on the verge of yelling, regretting such a large room.  “And thank you all so much for your well wishes!”  Lina smiled, feeling a little blush coming on, “Enjoy the rest of the festivities, and we’ll see you all later!”  Lina shouted out the last bit, motioning for Gourry to put her down. 

             Smoothly Gourry let her come back to her feet, once again in those painful heels that she hated to wear.  A cheer went up from the crowd, they knew what was coming and that made both Lina and Gourry blush all the harder.  Quickly the two of them made their way off stage and behind it, taking the back way into the castle proper and trying to keep up the speed until they were away from the crowds.

             Finally the two of them slowed down.  Just passing the occasional servant as they made their way through the castle.  Lina was the first to smile, “Husband.”  She laughed lightly, looking over to Gourry before stopping to draw him in for a kiss.

             “Wife.”  He tried out the word just as awkwardly.  It was strange that after so long something so significant could still change between the two of them.

             They started walking again in silence.  “Gourry, there’s something we need to talk about.”  She started off silently, the words echoing off the masonry in the hallway.

             “Hummm?”  He questioned, not loosing his pace.

             “I-- well, I’ve been thinking about children again.” 

            He wanted to stop her, since she had returned from her trip it was something that always left her glum and that was something he didn’t want on their wedding night.  “Don’t worry about it.”  He tried to cut her off, “We’ll figure something out… I love you.” 

             She squeezed his hand tightly in her grip, “And I love you too.”  Lina took a deep breath, “What do you think about Sylphiel?”  Lina forced herself to ask, wondering how he would take it.

             “What?”  Gourry questioned, “I didn’t see her at the wedding, didn’t you say she would be there?” 

             “I know, I saw her after the ceremony.”  Lina admitted, “But… what do you think of her?”

             Gourry wanted to stop and think, to figure out what Lina was getting it.  Was she already testing him?  She had always come off a little jealous, now that they were married would it be worse?  “She’s a good friend.”  He confessed at last, wondering exactly what Lina was getting at.

             “I think Sylphiel might be able to help with our problem.”  Lina said evenly, trying not to let her emotions betray the confidence.

             “Oh?”  Gourry wanted to ask more but stopped himself, waiting for Lina to reveal things to him.  He knew from experience that was how she liked to play things.  Instead though the conversation died off with the two of them walking through the hallways in silence.  Leaving Gourry to muss over the more mundane things such as how much the collar of his shirt itched.

             “Gourry…”  Lina stopped with her hand on the knob for their room, “Sylphiel wanted to congratulate us on our marriage privately.” 

             Not leaving the swordsman time to think it over, Lina opened the door wide revealing Sylphiel sitting on the bed in her usual Shrine Maiden outfit.  “Sylphiel?”  Gourry stuttered confused, stepping into the room as Lina closed the door behind him.

             “Gourry, I-”  Sylphiel stopped, looking to Lina for assurance, “I want to help you and Lina make a baby.”

            “But Lina already said you couldn’t heal her?”  Gourry responded, feeling lost and slightly nervous.  If he had to perform with Sylphiel watching him for some reason he had worries about how things would go.

             “No-”  Lina shook her head, a little smile on her face, “You’re going to make a baby with her.”  The shocked look on Gourry’s face making her laugh the last word out.

             “Wha-”  Gourry looked at Lina, then back to Sylphiel, then back to Lina, then again back to Sylphiel which caused the Shrine Maiden to blush more and more each time.  “But you’re my wife?”

             “And I’m okay with this.”  Lina sighed, “I want her to be happy, and for us to be happy.”  Lina admitted, “I love you, and what I feel about her… you must at least care for her…”  Lina resisted making some comment about how the feelings for her were different than what she felt for Gourry.  After all, how many different kinds of love were there?  It would be wrong to say she felt like a sister to her, especially after what the two of them had done together.

             “As long as you’re okay with this Gourry…”  Sylphiel spoke up at last, feeling like she was going to burst into flames from the blush and thankful that she hadn’t waited in the nude like Lina had suggested.

             Gourry nodded and Lina took that as her que, grabbing him by the scruff of his outfit, “Okay then, but since it’s my wedding night, I get to go first, okay Sylphiel?”  Lina joked, pulling Gourry toward the bed.

             Sylphiel met her joke with a smile, “Okay, I‘ll be back later…”  Sylphiel trailed off awkwardly, there really wasn’t any protocol for the situation she found herself in.

             “No, you can watch, you can even help if you want.”  Lina offered, feeling proud of snagging such a beautiful man as Gourry. 

             Sylphiel and Gourry both blushed all the harder, “Lina, are you sure you’re feeling okay?”  Sylphiel asked and Gourry mirrored her concern.

             Lina pushed Gourry onto the mattress as Sylphiel stood up, “I just feel so relieved after getting all of this off my mind.”  Lina dropped down atop Gourry, still in her wedding dress, grabbing him between the legs with a firm pumping motion, “Come on, get ready, isn’t this every guys fantasy?”  Lina offered, pushing herself up from the bed and starting to strip.

             “So-”  Gourry’s brain scrambled to deal with the situation, “Is this just for tonight or…”  Gourry stopped, unsure of what everything could mean.

             “It’s up to Sylphiel-”  Lina answered with a smile, “-and me I guess, and you to a lesser extent.”  She giggled at the last bit, “But don’t worry, I would wager money on this taking more than one try, so let’s consider tonight practice.”  Lina said with bravado, using that to overcome her embarrassment.  Unfortunately neither Gourry nor Sylphiel had bravado to fall back on and as such both were blushing as red as ripe tomatoes.


 Authors Notes-

             This might well be my last Slayers fanfic for while since I want to devote myself to my original fiction at the moment per a promise that I made.  Still, I am glad to have this out of my system.  Overall I incorporated three different plots here that I had for Sylphiel x Lina fanfics.  Each one was long enough for its own fanfic but I crammed them together here in order to get them all out of my head.  Hopefully you enjoyed it.

             The sorcery permanency was one of my original creations as far as I know.  And it really does seem like something Lina would consider, basically a hysterectomy with magic and the ability of magic to heal has been discussed before, how it basically just speeds up the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  If there is nothing left how can it work?  That of course serving as the catalyst for this whole fanfic.

             Another factor is Sylphiel and Lina’s natural relationship in the novels.  They get along, better than even Lina and Amelia, and there is a respect there.  If any relationship has the potential to deal with this kind of trying situation I thought that would be a good relationship to whether the storm, and close the triangle in this case.

             Regardless, hopefully you enjoyed this fanfic.  Comments/Criticism/Praise can be directed to the e-mail in the header.  Please also visit my Slayers hentai fanfiction archive at and my homepage at for more of my stories and doujinshi, forums, and more.  Finally, support Slayers in America, buy the re-mastered DVD’s, the novels, whatever you can get your hands on, support the series we love!